Secured Monitoring

True “Peace of Mind” with Secured Monitoring

What happens to my security when the phone line is cut or the phone services are out?

Your system sends us critical signals by picking up your premise telephone line and calling into our central station much like a fax or modem. If the phone lines are ever severed or interupted, there is no way for your system to communicate.

With the advent of Digital IP/Network Dialers and Cell-Phone Network Dialers, we can give you a communications link with our central station that gives us real-time supervision of your communications link and works even if your phone line has been cut. Most everyone agrees that the quality of telephone service has declined over the last few years. Unfortunately most owners of security systems are not aware that the telephone lines are the most vulnerable part of the system.

Our Solution!

To solve this problem, PROTEC offers “Secured Monitoring”. The activation of Secured Monitoring becomes the primary mode of communication to our Monitoring Center and the phone lines can become the backup. In today’s changing technology environment “Peace of Mind” just got a little bit better. For a nominal monthly charge and installation fee, PROTEC can enhance your security system with Secured Monitoring.

For more information on how you can have the highest level of protection for your home or business please call PROTEC customer service at 805-474-0182 or use our contact form.