Maintenance Plans

Protect Your Investment

Is your security system doing its job helping to protect your family? In addition to our Home Electronics Inspection Program and, in order to ensure your system is in perfect working order at all times, we offer the following maintenance packages:

Annual Inspections

$8.95/month (Home Security System Only) Includes:

  • Replacement of your control panel battery.
  • Replacement of your builder installed smoke detector batteries.
  • Sending signals to our Secure Operations Center.
  • Checking for loose sensors.
  • Detailed inspection report for your permit renewal.

Platinum Maintenance Plan

$24.95/month (Home Security System Only) Includes:

  • Unlimited professional service calls – 24/7
  • Response within 24 hours
  • Replacement of parts – at no additional charge
  • Annual system inspection at no charge
  • Payment of any false alarm assessments – imposed by police municipality caused by faulty equipment

Custom Maintenance Plan

$ Call for Pricing Details $ Includes:

  • Test and inspection of any electronic system
  • Extended Warranty on parts and labor
  • Customized Reports
  • Response within 24 hours
  • Discount on parts and labor
  • Exclusions: User error, abuse, acts of nature or repairs made by unauthorized technicians.

Restrictions: If your PROTEC warranty has expired, there will be an initial $85.00 inspection fee. In the event that problems are found, there will be a charge for materials and labor needed to bring your system up to meet PROTEC’s operational standards.

(Note: All maintenance packages require at least a Basic Service monitoring package.)