Home Theater & AV

Home Theater

An experience unlike any other.

Everybody loves a great movie. Your favorite stars on the screen and the room-filling, pulse-pounding sound that engulfs you and draws you into the action. Now you can enjoy the same action-packed excitement and heart-stopping entertainment in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

We’re talking, of course, about home theater. You choose which movies are showing. You choose the show times. You control the volume. You control the lights. And you always have the best seat in the house!

Sound that surrounds you. Ever thought about what makes movies so engaging? From whispers to screams, gentle rainfall to fiery explosions, and lonely guitars to spine-tingling orchestral crescendos, it’s the soundtrack that pulls you into the action. Dialogue, sound effects, and music combine to create drama and realism that grabs your senses.

In commercial movie theaters, you may have noticed speakers on the side or rear walls. These are called surround speakers, because they literally surround you and fill the room with special effects and atmospheric sounds. Jet fighters zooming overhead. Thunder crashing all around you. Being inside that three-dimensional sound field is like being inside the movie itself!

Now, thanks to digital breakthroughs in audio (like Dolby® Digital) and video (such as DVD), it’s easier and more affordable than ever to experience true cinema surround sound in the comforts of home. Multichannel audio is already waiting for you in the movies you rent or buy, and in many of the TV shows you watch. All you need is a home theater system to unlock it.

Considering all the time you spend watching TV and movies, it’s a great investment. Nights and weekends will never be the same! Yes, movies. And music too! Without a doubt, home theater is the hottest thing going in home electronics. Don’t miss your chance to experience the ultimate in theater in the privacy of your own home.

Multi-Room Audio & Video

From simple volume controls used to attenuate the volume on your patio speakers to intuitive touch-screens controlling your whole-house media server; We’ve got it all!

Imagine sorting through your entire music and movie library by artist, genre, title, actor, director and more from an intuitive handheld touchscreen in any room of the house.

We spend more time in our homes than anywhere else, so why wouldn’t you invest in it now? Improve on your lifestyle with an audio/video system for your home. Envision your house as the ultimate gathering place for your family and friends.