Home Electronics Inspection

Home Electronics Inspection

Will your alarm system work when you need it?

PROTEC has developed a valuable Home Electronics Inspection Program for home security systems. This comes in response to the large number of security customers who have experienced poor installations and services from other security companies.

Fueled by local police departments concern over false alarms, a growing number of discriminating homeowners are beginning to doubt that the “free” or “inexpensive” security system that came with a long term monitoring agreement will provide adequate protection in the event of a real emergency or break-in.


This comprehensive inspection is conducted by a highly trained PROTEC Technician and will result in a report detailing electronic system device locations and their condition.


$85.00 fee for each system inspected
(Security – Structured Wiring – Audio)


Along with your report you will receive coupons through your realtor for free activation and monitoring* of your security system by PROTEC.
* one month free monitoring for each inspected system

Your Realtor

The PROTEC Home Electronics Inspection Program is an exclusive offer and only available through your realtor.

What can you expect from the Home Electronics Inspection?

1. Security System

  • Locate All Security Devices
  • Test Security Panels & Devices
  • Written Report on System Condition

2. Structured Wiring System

  • Locate All Phone/TV/Internet Outlets
  • Test All Outlets for Continuity
  • Written Report on System Condition

3. Audio Systems

  • Locate All Speakers & Volume Controls
  • Test All Audio Circuits
  • Written Report on System Condition